Ages have passed since legendary Man walked the planet. Now, in the desolate wastelands beyond the city of Metropol, a solitary robot named Horatio jealously guards his freedom and independence. All that is taken away from him when a marauding foe steals his power source, forcing him to leave the safety of his home and set out on a perilous journey into the wastes - and into his own mysterious past.

Primordia is a point-and-click adventure game that combines the challenge and depth of the classics with a streamlined interface and a player-friendly design: puzzles emphasize logical thinking and exploration, rather than trial and error or endless backtracking. The game features over fifty hand-drawn rooms, dozens of distinctive characters, and gorgeous painted cutscenes.

Primordia has enjoyed overwhelming fan support and modest critical acclaim. It was Greenlit on Steam faster than any prior game, it is among the highest rated adventure games on GOG.com, it has 98% positive reviews on Steam (with hundreds of reviews), and it currently enjoys an 8.9 user score on Metacritic. Adventure Gamers and Adventure Classic Gaming both gave Primordia 4/5 stars, with Adventure Gamers also awarding it Best Setting of 2012. Among mainstream reviewers, the game has fared a bit worse, with a 72 Metascore on Metacritic. The lowest review (2.5/5 stars) can be found on GameSpy. By contrast, independent and foreign reviewers gave quite favorable assessments of the game:

The core Primordia team consisted of Australian artist Victor Pflug, American writer/designer Mark Yohalem, and Greek coder James Spanos. These members of Wormwood Studios were joined by composer Nathaniel Chambers and numerous voice actors, including Logan Cunningham (Bastion), Sarah Elmaleh (Gone Home), and Abe Goldfarb (the Blackwell series). The game also reflects the tireless work of an international team of testers.

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